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Aanmeegam news, Maalaimalar provides information, Spiritual stories related to religions. And also it provides celebration details of Hindu religious. Details about daily horoscope, monthly horoscope, weekly horoscope,  numerology horoscope, birthday horoscope,  Josiyam, Rasi Palan,tamil new year rasi palan, Josiayam and etc. All Hindu festivals have a deep spiritual import or high religious significance. Maalaimalar provides the Important virathangal details, Hindu Virathangal, and Benefits of Virathangal. Hindu Fasting Days Navakragha Viratham, Pradosham, Krithigai, Amaavasai ,Chadhurthi, Pournami, Sivarathri,Sankatahara Chadhurthi.

Maalaimalar daily update the news of  hindu temples in chennai, famous temples in india, and details about the Dosha parihar temples , Darshan temples, Tamilnadu hindu temples.Offers info about the various indian temples, ancient temple pictures, photos and temple architecture. Maalaimalar provides the all Tamil Slogangal which include Murugan slogangal, Sakthi Slogangal, Vinayagar Slogangal, Ganapathi slogangal, Subramaniya slogangal, Kantha Sasthi, and Sri Lakshmi slogangal etc. These slogangal are provided in tamil. Get updates of the details of dosha parihar temples, Spiritual short stories, hindus stories, Parihara Pooja, Grakha Dosha Parihara, South indian temples parihara details and festivals of hindu temples.

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Maalaimalar Provides all dosha parihara temples details of Hindu Religion. An essential part of puja for the Hindu devotee is making a spiritual connection with the divine. Maalaimalar provides the Aanmeegam details, Worship details of hindu, Aanmeegam Stories, Temple news, Hindu Religion temple news, Hindu  Prayers details, Hindu Worship, Benefits of Pooja, Pooja types. Maalaimalar provides the health care tips, yoga tips, yoga news online, health news in tamil, Excercise details, health tips for Women, Healthy Cooking details, Natural beauty tips, Mediacl details and etc. It will update the health care news on daily basis in online.

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